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USDA or United States Department of Agriculture is a United States government department to manage and control different programs related to food, natural resources, agriculture, rural development, housing, education and nutrition. USDA loans are mainly aimed at assisting the people to construct their home. It lends loans through private money lenders.

A lot of private lenders act as intermediaries to provide USDA loans. Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. (PRMI) is one of the leading private lender specialized in offering loans issued by USDA. PRMI underwrite all of their USDA mortgage loans and their team of Loan Officers, seasoned Underwriters and support staff have spent many years to help people to become a homeowner with the assistance of USDA home mortgage loans. A large part of the business of PRMI is focused on USDA loans that are usually suitable to help home buyers know about the lending process. The USDA Loan takes a seasoned lender to understand the uniqueness of the product.

The core values of PRMI are teamwork, advocacy, stability, empowerment, excellence and happiness. The members of PRMI work together in order to assist the customers and they are always stable and reliable. PRMI follow solutions-oriented approach. They seek to be better, smart and effective.

No down payment is required for the mortgage loans of the United States Department of Agriculture. The credit guidelines are not rigid and the purchase price is not limited. The mortgage monthly insurance of USDA is very low. The county and zip code where the home resides in, the applicant’s current income, credit history and the number of dependents who can be claimed are the eligibility standards for determining the qualification for the loan from USDA.

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